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Strippers, grippers, knickers, knockers, nippers, nipples and ballcocks!

You can buy anything in the local hardware shop – well almost. It’s the legendary Aladdin’s cave with fixes for everything from a leaking pipe, a shattered groyne (yes, seriously), a wobbly bladder (should that be ladder?) to a broken heart. And some remedies are not so easy to find …

This semi-autobiographical and humorous work by Yorkshire writer Graham Higson looks back to the time when almost every self-respecting high street had a local hardware store, the one-stop shop with spare parts for your home.

Populated with a variety of eccentric and unconventional characters, he takes us back to his 1990s’ world of the small British town and its attempts to compete with high-priced multiple stores, treacherous banking practices and other rogues from the piranha pool.

There are multiple layers to this book and it reflects so many aspects of our changing society … An intriguing and fascinating book which you cannot fail to enjoy. Robert Fear, author

This is one man’s memoir – a treasure trove of anecdotes, some tinged with humour, others with disappointment, some are downright bizarre.

I very much enjoyed the conversational style and the strong down to earth Yorkshire voice … It gave the anecdotes such realism and humour. Rebecca Hislop

This is Graham’s guide to observing life from behind a shop counter, with intimate and amusing characterisations of the people, told with –

Humour so visual and the gags just keep a-coming … as cheeky as its title! … At the end of this book I was smiling from ear to ear. Frank Kusy, author

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An intriguing and fascinating book which you cannot fail to enjoy. – Robert Fear, author

Features a stellar cast of characters – Frank Kusy, author

I'm hoping there is a follow up. There has to be. More please. – Caryl Williams, reader

Kept me entertained from start to finish – Juanita, reader

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The stories continue
in Books 2 and 3

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