Interviewing Stars of the ’70s

28 November 2015


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When I was a kid I wanted to tell stories about fictional characters, but my passage into professional writing came about quite by chance when I began interviewing real people. Recently, a fellow author asked about some of the ones I’d met and it seemed a good idea to rekindle the memories (no pun intended). Listening to the old tapes really was like going back in time. Here are some behind-the-scenes stories, with signatures and photos and, as one reviewer has said,
A piece of history, yet so many of these names will still be recognisable.

Meeting them was like stepping through the television screen…

A childhood fascination with television and radio turned into a teenage reality when Graham Higson began writing celebrity interviews for his school magazine.

Would his lack of years and experience be a drawback or advantage in getting to the real people behind the public façades?

This little book reveals all.

More exhibits from the stories can be seen HERE

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