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Historical novel

This powerful tale set during the Great War, recounts a brutal story of love and friendship between a simple fisher girl and an injured German. There are no stones left unturned in this gritty portrayal of life as it really was in the Yorkshire fishing vilage.

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About this book

Amy’s world is a cold and inhospitable one of treacherous cliffs and lethal tides that can trap the unwary. The hostile villagers think that she doesn’t understand much, but she knows more about that coastline than anyone else there.

The unpredictability of the sea brings both loss and discovery into Amy’s life that changes it forever. The storm takes the one person she truly loves and yet brings her a stranger that transforms her childhood innocence into the passionate reality of a young woman.

The danger is that it’s 1915, England is at war and the stranger is German.

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The bitterness of reality,
with no fancy thrills

Excellent plot, fiery characters and solid writing — Cyril Patrick Feerick

The language was like a pop-up picture book opening up scene after scene. — Alana Woods, author

A pretty perfect read. — Susan Navas, author

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“Flither” Girls – an article published in
Hawkes Bay Herald 1888

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