How to Build a Hedgehog House
from a Pallet

As of February 2018 it is reported that the number of UK hedgehogs is down 97% compared with the 1950s. Hedgehog houses like this one are essential shelters for winter hibernation and also nesting, and will help to increase numbers.

Design image for hedgehog house
The hedgehog house design
The hedgehog house in place
The finished house in place

This design is a development of others found on sale, with some modifications and enhancements to suit both ourselves and our prickly friends. It uses pallet material that is fairly plentiful in supply and can be picked up at builders' yards or businesses that receive heavy deliveries. Ours was supplied with fuel logs, and there was also suitable wood making up the packing case that the actual log burning stove was delivered in.

With this free plan you can take from it ideas and inspiration to suit you, so there's no need to follow it exactly if you don't want.

Download the plan HERE

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