All Creatures Great and Famous book cover on a smartphone


Other bits and pieces not included in the book


article from Disc 1975

From Disc, 24 May 1975
Noel Edmonds and Lynsey de Paul, who was managed by Gordon Mills, as was Gilbert O’Sullivan.


My sketch of Con B at Radio 1

I was surprised to find this – a rough plan of Radio 1’s Con B that I did at the time.


Zoe Spink in the Halifax Courier

From Halifax Courier, 9 August 1976. Zoe Spink, my first interviewee, is in the middle. William Marshall’s acidic title has nothing at all to do with the photo.


First letter from Esther Rantzen, 1976

My first letter from Esther Rantzen. I hadn’t realised that preparations began so long before the actual interview


Letter from my editor, February 1978

This is the Editor’s letter I mentioned in the book, regarding Cyril Fletcher’s “Dreaming my darling love of thee”.



All Creatures Great and Famous book on a smartphone

Letter from Noel Edmonds

The reply to my early enquiry from Gill Slater, Noel’s wife at the time.


Another Noel Edmonds autograph

Another Noel Edmonds autograph


Yorkshire Post Magazine 2014

Yorkshire Post Magazine 11 October 2014 featuring Gay and Zoe Spink


Letter from my editor,m Aoril 1976

A letter from my editor. Oh, how times have changed!


O'Sullivan piano scores book

The book of piano scores that was signed by Gilbert O’Sullivan in January 1974.


Piano scores signed by O'Sullivan

Piano scores book signed by Gilbert O’Sullivan. I still have that Parker pen.