OAK SEER: A Supernatural Mystery

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The year is 1994. Jack Briscoe is a loner who is never alone. He Oak Seer book has two passions: woodwork and womanizing, and despite his popularity with women he leads a solitary lifestyle, unable to hold down a steady relationship – not that he really wants one.

Working from a rented barn, sleeping in his van, and constantly short of money, his prospects are dire. He feels that his situation couldn't get any worse. Then one night, when on one of his many casual assignations, he is stricken by a curse, and his ability to work – and his sexual prowess – are cruelly torn away.

Lost in the town's outskirts, he is inexplicably drawn to the house of his old school friend, unaware that inside his friend's wife is also facing a dilemma, believing she is about to die.

Far away in the Scottish Highlands, Chrissie Meikle, a modern-day High Priestess with a coven of half-hearted pagan worshippers, Oak Seer in forest has unwittingly set in play some ancient magic, with its roots stretching back hundreds of years.

In this tale of adventure, mystery, crime, witchcraft, and the occult – where the past literally bleeds through into the present – Briscoe must find a way to bring an end to these visions that he feels threaten his freedom, sanity and even his very existence. Is an ancient oak carving of a monstrous face the key? Or is it his ruthless enemy determined to use its supernatural power against him?

When the paranormal malevolence attacks two of his former women friends, he must act, travelling to Scotland, where yet another adversary awaits him, along with the haunting memory of a girl in a white dress, as he attempts to exorcise the past.

But maybe it's the past that is exorcising him ...