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New trailer

This latest trailer has been started from scratch, re-visiting the original source footage, selecting some new shots – yet without wanting to stray from the essence if the story's arena – and re-writing the text captions. Then finally including the latest book cover.

We searched for different music, but in the end there really was nothing else to improve upon that haunting theme by composer Jimmy Gelhaar, with its suggestion of sadness and longing for someone lost, yet with a hint of hopefulness for what is about to come. Beautiful.

The original trailer can be seen here.


— Coming soon —

The 3rd book in the Little Screw series follows on from All Mod Cons and, in TV drama terms, would be a 2-part mini series.

It can also be read as a standalone novel.

Read more about it here.

Bobo and the Burglars cover

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