Interviewing Stars of the 70s

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Meeting them was like stepping through the television screen ...

A childhood fascination with television and radio turned into a teenage reality when Graham Higson began writing celebrity interviews for his school magazine.

Would his lack of years and experience be a drawback or advantage in getting to the real people behind the public façades?

This little book reveals all.

Various papers from the interview days


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I found this a fascinating time capsule of the 70s, warmly and wittily recounted. — Frank Kusy, author


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When I was a kid I wanted to tell stories about fictional characters, but my passage into professional writing came about quite by chance when I began interviewing real people. Recently, a fellow author asked about some of the ones I’d met and it seemed a good idea to rekindle the memories (no pun intended). Listening to the old tapes really was like going back in time. Here are some behind-the-scenes stories, with signatures and photos and, as one reviewer has said, “A piece of history, yet so many of these names will still be recognisable.“

Some exhibits from the stories can be seen HERE