The Spirit Glass and Other Ghost Stories by Graham Higson

page title The Spirit Glass and Other Ghost Stories


Paperback copy in night time forest setting

Available in hardback, paperback and Kindle editions

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About this book

Step outside of your comfort zone and explore the supernatural in a collection of nine tales.

Many of them take place at Christmas, the traditional time for telling ghost stories, but are suitable for enjoying at any time of the year. With some of them set in the past, and others in the present, the purpose of these tales is to make you look again at the familiar.

And be spooked by it.

These entities are not always easy to see, and some will want to scare you. They may want revenge, or just be plain malicious. Maybe some of them are desperate for companionship, or maybe haven't yet passed into the next life. A few have something to tell. And while others will want to save their earthly associates from a fate worse than death, there'll be the odd one that wants to be freed of their own eternal torment … but at what cost?

Would you be willing to pay the price?

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hardback and Kindle editions


Spirit Glass paperback and smartphone editions with blazing fire